Meet the band!

Jimi Passabet performing live.

Jimi Passabet

Jimi P / Joni’s musical journey began at an early age, listening to recordings of his Mom and Aunt performing on the Ted Mack Amateur hour (more or less the predecessor to American Idol). Music and, particularly singing became an obsession. In the early 80’s he joined the “super group” The No Knot’s (voted best band east of the Saw Mill River ;-), playing the hits of the 60’s and 70’s. This led to a amazing gig with Second Sense. Joining current Frankenstein’s Baby members Gene Moore and Doug Brown in a party band that kicked serious arse and played many incredible gigs, both locally and in other parts of the tri-state area. Life and family intervened for several years until asked to put something together to play live music locally. This led to the birth of “The Baby, which was legit intended to be a one off gig. 17 years later Frankenstein’s Baby continues to grow and thrive!!

Doug Brown

Doug has thrilled audiences with his powerful style for decades with acts such as Second Sense, Restless, Andrea and the Substitutes, Junkhead and Monster. Doug is also a highly skilled music producer and has worked with acts such as Sean Nolan and OLIVIA. He also wrote, produced, and performed multiple instruments on Voodoo Twin, an original project featuring Greg Fiellin on bass and lead vocals. Doug has owned several successful businesses including On The Road Marketing, a music products supply company, and eMotion Motor Classics, buying and selling vintage classic cars.

Doug Brown playing drum kit
Otto David playing bass live.

Otto David

Otto has had a long and successful career in the music business, beginning in the 1980s while touring the United States with the band “Change” on the Warner Brothers label. He also toured with the Italian pop synth act, “Kano.” Otto has many fans from his years of performing clubs in the Tri State area with “Andrea and the Substitutes” as well as the hard rock act “Junkhead.” Otto’s most recent project was a co-writing and co-producing venture with Doug Brown for the artist “Olivia”, an American Idol finalist.

Gene Moore

Gene has played with many bands over the years including Dr. J, Sideshow, Circus, Second Sense and Monster. In the late 1980’s, Gene fronted the band Restless which had some notoriety with their hit “Go Giants Go.” He then went on to become a music composer creating scores for some prominent figures such as Bob Dole, Tom Ridge and George W. Bush. Gene co-wrote a song called Insane with Ace Frehley from KISS. He has also composed the U.S. Soccer Federation Stadium Chant as well as the jingle, “You’ve Got A Friend in Robison” for Westchester NY based company, Robison Oil.

Gene Moore performing live

Our History

Mark DeBellis

Mark DeBellis
“RU Marky” – What can we say about this guy…..Without him, the genesis of “the baby” never happens….Mark’s guitar acumen and his amazing vocal skills were / are undeniable….A founding member, a brother in arms, a talented dude that provided the band with a diversity not many others could boast…..So proud of our accomplishments together…!!! MISSED….!!!

John Bramswig

Johnny “JJ Swigs” B
Another original member that solidified the rhythm section for years before retiring…..A nurturing influence that provided both support and guidance to his bandmates…..Generous to a fault….!!! Honored to have had the opportunity to play with this guy….!!! MISSED….!!!

Anthony Lonigro

Anthony “Ant NY” Lonigro
When the band was in transition, Ant not only stepped to the plate, he knocked it out of the park for us……Also a brother, this guy showed us what dedication, determination and discipline truly means…..An inspiration to us all…..Playing with this guy has been nothing short of amazing……So many great moments…!!! MISSED….!!!